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Georgia- Social Media Executive


Tell us about yourself?
I finished university armed with a wealth of transferable skills after completing a degree in Ancient History and Archaeology. I had an opportunity to relocate to Sussex which gave me greater access to roles in London. After making applications I secured an internship in Social Media at a marketing agency which gave me an array of skills and experience in the field.

I secured a permanent role at the agency until one Sunday evening, causally browsing LinkedIn, I found a role at Virgin Holidays being advertised… I had about 3 hours left to apply before the closing deadline! I made my application in time and the rest is as they say ‘history’.

What does your role involve?
Social Media Executive is a broad job title that encompasses many things but in a nutshell I work with various departments to promote the Virgin Holidays brand through our social media channels. It’s not all hashtags and emojis though, ultimately we want to reveal more about the world and provide our customers with insider knowledge, from the best rum punch in the Caribbean to the tastiest pizza in New York, while serving them at every stage of their holiday cycle.

Day to day I manage the social calendar, strategising what content to post and when and aligning to commercial business strategy with both organic and paid activity. As social media moves incredibly quickly, with new developments on existing platforms announced on a weekly basis and new technologies cropping up all the time we need to have our fingers on the pulse. Equally, if there’s something in the news that relates to the brand we need to think on our feet and hop on what’s trending – there’s always something new and exciting to work on.

Working with the studio team to produce creative assets that deliver a fun and interesting audience experience is really rewarding. I love that we can deliver content that’s cool and memorable and instantly see our community’s reaction to it.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
I love that the role has such variety, but ultimately that I can bring our product offering to life through channels like Instagram stories. Promoting our unique Departure Beach in Barbados across stories allows our customers to get a real feel for the product before they travel.

We work with some awesome partners and are lucky enough to go on trips abroad to capture content. Last year I got to be part of our Ultimate HoliDO competition, accompanying competition winners on the West Coast leg of their tour to Seattle, Vancouver, Whistler and Seattle to enjoy first hand some of the experiences we sell. I got to experience things I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to do (a helicopter tour over San Francisco to name just one!) and it was great to be able to share these moments with our followers.

What has been your best memory so far at Virgin Holidays?
Aside from the fantastic trips and the amazing Ultimate HoliDO experience I have to say that the team I work with really make the job something special. Everyone is so supportive and when you spend so much time at work it’s really lovely to also want to hang out outside of work too! One memory that sticks with me is our team building day at the Crystal Maze in London, it really tested our ability to work together and was a really good fun.

What would your advice be to anyone thinking of joining Virgin Holidays?
Everyone knows the Virgin brand is innovative and breaks boundaries and it’s has certainly lived up to my expectations so if you want to join just go for it!

In terms of my interview experience everyone I met along the process put me at ease. All job interviews are a little nerve wracking but the interview was as much for me to get a feel of the role and expectations as it was for the recruiters to learn about me and my skills and experience.

How would you describe the culture at Virgin Holidays?
The atmosphere is always fun and relaxed and within our team we get lots of freedom and autonomy. There is flexibility to be agile, being able to work from home and it’s refreshing that there is an immediate culture of trust in the organisation. The benefits are really good here and not many offices have fuse ball and table tennis to play in the middle of the office!

Travel tip
If you’re visiting New York and want a cool skyline view head to Top of the Rock rather than the Empire State Building. The Rockefeller Centre isn’t that impressive from the outside but you get a great view of the Empire State from the top.

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