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Adam Greghni- Head of Aviation & Operations Support

What’s your career journey been like in Virgin Holidays?
I joined Virgin Holidays about 2.5 years ago, straight into the role of Head of Aviation & Operations Support. Having a childhood interest in aviation, I landed my first travel role and never looked back. I’ve been lucky enough to gain experience in different types of travel companies, in a diverse range of roles from Analyst, to Commercial Manager and Airline Account Management.

Through different positions I’ve expanded my role specific expertise, but also soft skills like leading a team and emotional intelligence.The Aviation & Operations Support team have really transformed in the time I have been here, but it’s all been for the better and makes us more efficient, strengthening our ability to react accordingly for our customers.

What does your role involve?
I’m accountable for a team of circa 40 people, spread across Commercial and Operations- supporting all flight related things pre-departure for our customers. We provide operational support for sales and retail which can involve anything from complicated flight itineraries, customers using air miles, to managing schedule changes. We then have Air product and ticketing, who support the relationships with other airlines and ticketing.

There is also Aviation Systems who look after the setup of our flight selling systems, and also manage technical flight related system projects. Finally, our Quality Assurance team are there to ensure our customers holidays go off without a hitch, and from a back office perspective, are contractually correct. They also have a strong focus on continuous improvement. My role offers lots of variety and a great team that helps with driving the organisational strategy.

What do you love about your role?
Working at Virgin Holidays can be relentless, but I love always being busy and the high energy that exists in the team and within the company. It’s the kind of company that you really need to be engaged with the business and the customer. The pace is fast and you need to love it to keep up, and take enjoyment when a curve ball comes flying your way.

What has been your highlight so far at Virgin Holidays?
When hurricane Irma hit in 2017 it was a horrendous time for our teams and customers; we were all super busy. I remember the daily Ops meetings and the level of focus on safety. We had thousands of customers in resort with a relentless task of accounting for all of their whereabouts and needs. This was a mammoth job, but seeing our most impacted customers names on a board and getting twice daily updates on their well being really showed me what this business was all about.

On reflection I wondered, how many companies would have gone to that detail of care for their customers? This to me reflected what the Virgin Holidays brand is all about. There was such focus and dedication to customers and service, a pinnacle of that was seeing our aircraft flying in to what was dangerous flying weather to go and recover our customers from resort. Together as a team we shifted over a 1000 customers out of harm’s way in a single day, everyone just pulled together so successfully.

How would you describe the culture at Virgin Holidays?
You really can be your true self, and be genuinely embraced… be yourself! It’s welcoming and energetic, open and noisy with a true willingness to get work done.

What would your advice be to anyone thinking of joining Virgin Holidays?
Get to know the people that make up the company, be authentic and dedicate time to it. Get out of your zone, understand other team’s priorities and how your roles may interact. You’ll find the more people you know the more effective you’ll be in the long run as you’ll understand how the company puzzle fits together, and who you need to help you when that curve ball comes your way.

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