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Head Office

Here at Virgin Holidays HQ, we are passionate about holidays and service. Throughout our history, our staff’s dedication and commitment have helped us become one of the market leaders helping everyone take on the world. We’ve spent over 30 years helping people discover the world. We’ve even done our bit to make it better. And above all, we’ve done it with a flair that’s uniquely Virgin.

Everyone who works here plays a crucial role in the smooth running of our business, whether you’re working in our Finance department, IT Team, or jetting around the world as part of our Product Services department, you’ll never stop thinking about our customers and what we can do for them.

Our head office locations

Our two Crawley locations; The Base and The VHQ can be found on the same road in the Manor Royal Business District, about three miles south of Gatwick Airport.


The VHQ is the newest of our Head Office buildings, which opened in summer 2016 and is home to most of our corporate functions. It offers a contemporary, dynamic and flexible workspace that truly reflects our spirit and passion for putting the customer at the heart of everything we do. The building has lots of varied spaces from open and collaborative, to secluded spaces, which not only encourages a more activity based working style but also supports the well-being of our people.

It’s a really vibrant and fun place to work, there’s also a natural light-filled restaurant and coffee bar which is open throughout the day – perfect for meals, meetings or simply musing on your next big idea.

The Base

The Base is home to our HR & Training departments. It’s a state of the art facility that we share with our friends at Virgin Atlantic – this is where all of the cabin crew are trained so you’ll often see them being put through their paces on the rig and life size mock-up plane which sits right in the middle of the building.

Most meetings take place in the colourful Town Square coffee shop which overlooks the rig, and then there’s the on-site hair and beauty salon, to keep you looking tip top. There’s also a staff shop which sells everything from birthday cards and beauty products to luggage and other travel related products – not to mention our famous selection of Pick ‘n’ Mix for keeping those energy levels up in the afternoons.

The Base is a sleek and contemporary building and an exciting place to work. There’s always something going on, so don’t be surprised to see a film crew one day or a glamorous photo shoot the next. For Virgin Holidays employees, it’s just another day at the office.