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It’s not easy to sum up what it’s like working at Virgin Holidays in just a few words. We’re passionate about making holidays perfect and challenge ourselves daily to make things better, for everyone. No matter what job or position, we ALL have a part to play to make sure that everyone can ‘Take on the World’. We’re focused on making the right things happen for the right reasons – working for the good of our communities and our planet, creating a culture of respect and trust in the wider world, and providing experiences that make people feel safe, cared for and listened to.

We’re all part of the same team and we treat each other with honesty, integrity and respect. We have three guiding values that keep our daily lives fun, exciting and rewarding; Think Red, Make Friends & Be Amazing.




Living our values every day

Think Red heart logo

​​When we think red we connect to the true spirit of Virgin. Innovation, passion, positivity. From day one we’ve hunted new ways to champion our customers, changing the game with style and a smile. We don’t just push boundaries, we break through them. We are our future and we think about that in every decision we take. Red is us at our blazing best. ​

  • You love to go the extra mile, above and beyond what our customers expect
  • You see things from different perspectives and are always open to change
  • You are curious and determined to find better ways to do things
  • You have a positive attitude, actively seeking to learn something new every day

Make friends logo

Virgin loves people. It’s how we treat one another that makes us special. We embrace our team-mates, customers and partners. We celebrate everyone’s individuality and look for the good in everyone – while following through on what we say we’ll do. And we never forget what makes us special.

  • You connect the dots between our teams, with the customer at the front of your mind
  • You stick to your commitments and build trust by doing what you say you will
  • You are sensitive, tactful and understanding, yet brave enough to take on challenging conversations
  • You build strong relationships by being open, honest and inclusive​

Be amazing heart logo

When you’re a Virgin brand, people expect more from you. So we expect more from ourselves. The small details are as important to us as the grand gestures. We act with the greater good of the business in mind. We’re here to be amazing. Because life’s too short to be anything less.

  • You rock the basics and understand their importance for our customers
  • You are focused on getting amazing results and passionate about the success of our business
  • You take pride in your work, keeping quality and safety at the heart of everything you do
  • ​You embrace new technologies and adapt quickly to our ever-changing world ​

Our values and you

We know what’s expected of each other and we’ll work hard to achieve our goals but we’ll have a lot of fun along the way. We’re professional, prepared to go the extra mile and not afraid to challenge the norm and each other. Not only that, we have a culture of innovation and bright ideas, it’s a fast paced environment and not a place for standing still. These shared values define us, and make us who we are.

Our values will be present throughout your career journey with Virgin Holidays, you will be measured against them at interview and they will form part of your day to day life throughout your career with us. At Virgin Holidays, we strongly believe that our values are intrinsically linked to our success.