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From our receptionists to our Retail Stores, our Duty Office to our Contact Centre staff, everyone at Virgin Holidays relies on some form of IT to do their job.

Our IT team works with the business to support our people and identify improvements to current ways of working that will benefit our customers and our staff. It’s up to us to implement innovations that our customers will love and it’s our responsibility to help our people do their job as seamlessly as possible.

The IT Operations Team supports our people with system and application queries and helps users perform their day-to-day tasks by eradicating any problems which prevent people from completing their work duties.

IT Development Team work alongside the Operations Team in a real Dev-ops culture. They use continuous delivery pipelines to deploy the next piece of tech magic to our websites, so our customers can make their holiday dreams come true.

What’s it like to work in IT?

It’s exciting, engaging and challenging – just like the world of technology itself. We work at a fast pace so we’ll expect you to keep up whilst being diplomatic, using innovative thinking and showing unwavering commitment.




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